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Personal Reports

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-=Personal File Report=-

Name - Miyako

Miyako is first class magic user from Sanctum city. Trained in healing magic by the goddess Trinity.  At first GreenCross had over looked this girl and was not going to approach her but Sera's interest in her had made us believe her background deserved a second check. we found out that she had been doing personal studies in experimental magic techniques and was even able to overcome the lose of 3 elements that where sealed by Fenescial.

In the end we did not track her down but she came to us. A 1st for us at GreenCross believing our bases to be well hidden, she had stumbled onto the idea of Time Magic but having her elements sealed she could not use it herself and found out about are accident that happened 50 years before the Kaila war.

although she only knew a little the fact that the was something odd in the balance of stuff in the world around her. she had mathematically tracked down the time and place where it had happened by travelling the world and using her white magic skill Scan to take readings all around the place. We were impressed with her work and how accurate her research was with time time magic.

Even without her having the ability herself we saw her gravity spell to be one of the most complex and accurate we had ever seen. Although it wasn't that strong she made up with it in her complicated structures.

Miyako had also used her gravity magic in such a war to create a "Micro Black hole" this was incredible because unlike most magic's after it was created it became a self sustain black hole.. she had used her gravity on such a small area to collapse actual atoms into themselves means the magic was only needed to start the black hole and then it became a non magic based creation.

we noticed she had an Eliasa Crystal with her as well we wondered if she was one of the people responsible for the creation of Silver Star. after all the work she did to track us down and showing such a unique skill set we had to ask her to join GreenCross. she agreed but said she needed our help to end things.

We agree to this and help to stage her own death. Amber uses her cloning technology to create a body of Miyako and implants her body with Miyako's memories making her near imposable to tell she is merely a copy. We hang her body up in the master bedroom of Jakes Manor and using Vision's ability's we send Jake a vision of his wives death almost seeming like a premonition to Jake I would believe. we quickly vanish from the manor teleporting out so no one would of known
we where there.

we head over to where they berry her and let Miyako say her goodbyes using vision's ability's again to make all there believe to see her soul rising from her body and vanishing after she uses vision to telepathically say her farewells. but she requested a bigger good bye for her love Jake. So we set up a large holographic projection unit in a forgotten temple and Eliasa had told him he cant get to close or she would vanish but in truth it was to stop him from seeing our equipment.

They said there farewells and everything was done but we did feel sorry about Jake losing his wife awhile after we offered him a place within GreenCross wishing to reunite him with his wife but sadly he refused and we had no choice but to accept his decision even if it did break Miyako's heart.

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Re: Personal Reports

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-=Personal File Reprt=-

Name - Tsk and Ico

((OOC Note: Blogs are mostly OOC information and just here for player to read this information it is kept out of game characters knowledge))

((this part public for ingame knowledge))

At the age of 7 Tsk and Hsk became seperated 3 years later is where this story begins.

Tsk had started to explore her town and found herself visiting the main power factory. She had went off in the factory and dound herself going into a restricted zone where she the main power collector chamber for the energy there city used it was a massive glass type cylinder filled with a mist of some kind that made it hard to see what was inside.

Tsk places her hands against the glass and squints her eyes peering inside trying to see what was in there. A pale young girl just wearing a plain white cloth walked up to her and placed her hands on the glass with tears in her eyes as she looked up and down at Lisa amd neviously waved back to her. The name above the chamber she was in had the word Ico above it and Lisa decided that was this girls name.

She had to run it was getting late but she would come back the following day to visit Ico. This time she left much earlier and packed herself sandwichs for the trip and a drink along with some photo's of her and her parents.

she showed Ico the pictures of her parents as she placed them up against the glass for her to see. Ico didn't say anything but she seemed to be fasinated with the pictures that Tsk would bring and show her all this time Ico would not say a word and just smile at Tsk each day she turned up. she had gotten used to Tsk's visits now and waited for her eagly as she enjoyed the stories she would tell her about the outside world.

Ico and Tsk meet for many month's until eventually Ico had started to talk back to Tsk even if her voice was a little nervious and weak sounding. This had made Tsk's day that her friend had started to talk with her and Tsk would answer all of Ico's questions about the outside world and even read Ico some of her story books about hero's knights templars and fairys.

more time passed and they grew to be close friends but one day Ico had fell terriably ill as her weeping body was lying down on the ground as she tried to reach her left arm towards Tsk as Tsk looked back in horror as she picked up the chair and swung it against the glass and kept foing so for a total of 3 times before the glass had given way and broken.

She pulled Ico's body out as the sirens in the factory sounded. Ico's body was hot and burning as Tsk held tightly to her wanting to comfort Ico as Ico screamed and became a bright white light and entering inside of Tsk's body as Ico and Tsk became one. Tsk had no idea what had just happened and she fell onto the floor feeling weak dizzy and ill as a woman named Elly quickly cam picking her up and Tsk blacked out.

Luckily Elly had gotten to Tsk before the guards of the power factory did and got her out safely and returned to a GreenCross surface base where she requested for Amber to and Eliasa to come meet her there.

When Amber arrived she did a full body scan over Tsk's body. It seemed to there knowledge Tsk had completly absorbed the girl known as Ico. Tsks and Icos mind's had fused together and there personalitys had mixed beyound the Capabilitys of GreenCross's technology. they had no idea how close of far from being themself they where but Ico didn't have a real past and it seems she had absorbed Tsk's pasts as her own yet Tsk had also kept these memorys as for if Ico had taken Tsk's name aswell was to hard to tell there minds had become to jumbled up to know which was the real Tsk and the real Ico. Amber said even if they did tell the truth there minds are so messed up even they wouldn't know the answer.

After further research into Ico's past it was found out she was a spirit entity that used the power absorb. The power factory was using her as a way of drawing energy from the earth itself but she was still young so they didn't pay much attention to her. This lead into the investigation of the ICO co-orpration leading to the result of over 1000
spirit entity's being used and drained of there power in an effort to meet power demands by the public.

Due to the delicate nature of legally taking down such a big company it was going to take alot of research and background checking. GreenCross had visited Tsk's adopted Parents and explained how they thought it wise to create a cover story and that it be best to send Tsk to Arteria where GreenCross had confirmed that Tsk's brother was there.

They had given Tsk control of the body but if she wanted she could share it with Ico we gave her a ring that alternated at difference frequencies depending on what way you wear it. by simply turning it around it would block the brainwaves of Tsk and allow Ico's to be transmitted clearly and vise visa. the ring had also been implemented
with Miyako's idea for size changing but using greencross technology to do so as Tsk's body had become a magnet for magic and she had to make sure not to absorb to much of it.

after the years went by we let the story fold out we let Tsk believe that Ico was a dream to start with at her young age we didn't want to spoil her childhood thinking she had absorbed someone. and we couldn't really explain it to her that well anyway. she eventually left at the age of seventeen to be reunited with her brother we kept a close eye on her from time to time just making sure she was safe and not being tracked these big company's wouldn't even think twice about sending an assassin after this poor girl if they thought they could get away with it. Luckily it seemed our cover story worked well enough for Tsk to slip into Arteia without anyone knowing her past from the ICO co-operation.

we have recently been through many courts and information gathering to give us enough to prove ICO's evil deads yet they have know went into liquidation and are declared bankrupt. As for the leaders of ICO they are reported as missing and the is a warrant out for there arrest.

Due to the long time it had taken us to finally stop the co-orpation Is one of the reason's we at GreenCross had a hard time deciding if these reports should be published or not.

We have recently contacted Tsk and she had agreed to have this report published.

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