Historical Reports

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Historical Reports

Post by GREENCROSS on Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:29 pm


Due to Legal reasons reports will most likely not come out in order as some events are deemed more classified than others and will take longer to De-classified. we apologize in advance for the order these reports will be released.

Notes: Kaila Wars, The Kaila War is when GreenCross became publicly known in the world of Arteria and the Battle between Mist and Kaila happened and this will most likely be used as a time reference point in this report and others that follow.

Green Cross Report: Early Days

GreenCross was formed over 100 years before the Kaila wars with its purpose to be survival of its people by retreating from the surface and living underground they had hoped to preserve there current level of technology and culture. they started out with only a small group of people around 500 members in total.

GreenCross had heard about giantess attacks happening around the area and with the fear of being a target for giantess "fun" they had decided to build a city secretly underground using the resources from the kings palace as the king himself had wished to safe his people if he could as the last reported city was flattened underfoot with no sign of survivors.

The king had not left his throne as he had thought it best to give the younger generation a chance and his old age would only put them at risk so he sent his son down to the underground city in the hope that he could lead them to a brighter future where they would not need to hide from such attacks any more.

he had watched as men, women and children where safely evacuated down to the city below as he watched the last of them go he had detonate the elevator chamber leading down to the underground city. the chamber collapsed in and destroyed it be very hard for a giantess to find any evidence to suggest that he had helped a few chosen few to escape the attack. The giantess's came and like many city's before it was smashed into the ground but now the was another city below the giantess's feet that was safe and could tell the story of how a brave king gave his life to protect his people and now they carried on there lives as GreenCross members. Proud citizens of a forgotten and destroyed kingdom.

over time the city was expanded as they tunnelling machines to drill through the earth and to pull the city forward into a new future filled with uncertainty. The proud kings son leading the way as the king had wanted. now he was the king of a new world and they would have to learn how to live again in this strange environment. being tiny's they where small and found many things to be challenging and the whole population had to eat whatever they could produce. being good tunnellers they soon came across things such as worms and other insect lifeforms that would be there meals yet this was frowned upon by most people in the city and they had wished for better foods. The leader had to agree that they couldn't always find enough food to feed his people plus he hated worms as a meal like most the rest.

using a complex underground mapping system and the data collected from the surface by the use of sound waves they could tell of places that had recently be attacked and after awhile of listening they could accurately predict the safest places to surface in order to hunt for surface food but this was only a temporary measure they couldn't risk being on the surface for a long period of time. It was then that there
Medical officer Amber had suggested that they could use there cloning technology to grow foods underground.

work had began on what is known to GreenCross as a feeding Den. This a large underground room that the city could go to replenish its food supplies and it took over 3 months to build while they had to keep risking trips to the surface for food. after then Feeding Den was complete they had only need to collect blood samples of surface animals to artificially grow them in this Feeding Den. The soil being naturally full of minerals the cloning process was a pretty simple procedure. this is also where they had decided to also do one of there first gardens.

Time passed quickly for them over the next 5 years being kept busy by building there feeding dens and gardens all under of Arteria's feet. they had also grew in population as well as the city's size but it was getting to be to clumsy of a vessel to handle and slowly it was split off into another city the main city would keep on its voyage underground as they did not have the resources to build engines for the other city but this did not matter as the main city would supply them with food and supply's until they had finished stabilising the city so it was a self supporting city no longer needing the help of the main city as they went off to the surface. This time it was not for supply's that had what they needed and could sustain themselves in defiantly now below the surface.

This was to be known as GreenCross's first recruiting mission. They had recently detected that a giantess had left an area said to be populated by a colony of tinies. they ran into the colony over 100 them carrying stretchers and took anyone they thought they might be able to help back to the city out of the 50 stretches worth of bodies they took back they were lucky to even save one tiny. This did not matter to GreenCross though they just needed to be quick enough to record a persons thoughts before they died. This had a much higher success rate around 30 out of 50 were saved this way. with there cloning technology growing a new body for a person was as easy as taking a blood sample and with there minds recorded the two could be reunited effectively saving the life's of many tinies.

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Re: Historical Reports

Post by GREENCROSS on Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:30 pm

GreenCross - The Accident

(50 years before Kaila war)
we had saved many people over the years and the organization was growing well but we still felt we had not advanced enough in our technology to quickly enough to help the people that needed it in are early days we had now setup teleportation devices to our feeding dens and had a few surface access points also we had created 10 citys still stationary but the population of GreenCross was increasing greatly. We just wished are ancestores could be here with us and now being stable enough to accomadate an infinite population. as are new systems would easyly allow us to take the entire population of our kingdom now.

We had decided to try change are fate and we had already came so far in our technology we thought it was now possable for us to actually time travel back in time and save our ancestors. We had looked into the idea of time travel for sometime and came up with a method we belived that would send us back in time. Sadly not all good join us to witness such a marveless event even the our leader was busy with other stuff. I am sure when he see's that we trully have managed it he will give us all at the research deparment Medals for outstanding exlencence.

I am happy though most of the entire population is here aboard the standing base Alpha 2. The bases are already made for when we succed all we need is a little time to install the equipment on them it still all in our warehouse so that shouldn't take long after all the other citys are most without power still well ofcourse the vessel are leader is on nice an all but its become a relec of the past I understand it reminds him of home so I can understand his refusal to have it upgraded. maybe after we get the kingdom with us that will change or maybe the late king will take charge.

Anyway no one else is coming i'm sure only 10 people are off base not able to witness such a great thing. As I said i'm pleased with the numbers here even if they are getting drunk abit early maybe I should just start it now. we have waited so long I can't wait anylonger. I give the order to start the reactor and to begin the experiment. I smile up at it as it starts. Finally we can go back home we could take the whole kingdom with us that be a lovely sight to see our kingdom with us down with there people. I glance down at the dials the is a fault the energy is climbing to fast. I hit the emergency stop and look up in horror the system couldn't handle the strain its overloaded. I cant stop it now! a blue light envelopes the entire city as I despratly try to push my way through the screaming and cheering crowd. this is crazy i think but they know no better I think as the is a bright white light in the middle of the room it dims slightly as i close my eyes. I don't even feel the shockwave as the light exploeds incenerating everyone in the city in an instant.

The leaders vessel is hit by the shockwave as he witness's a bright blue light and the shockwave smashs there vessel into the underground wall badly damaging the city on many levels. The leader comes down locking at the city vaporising within the blue light as he falls to his knee's in shock and watchers slowly as the blue light expands to wards his vessel. still in shock he is unsure what to do orders the energy shield to be raised it stops the blue light for a moment until he hears several explosions around his ship as the shield drops and the blue light descends upon them.

The leaders vessel is hit by the shockwave as he witness's a bright blue light and the shockwave smashs there vessel into the underground wall badly damaging the city on many levels. The leader comes into room feelingstrange as he watchs past events play out again and the light heads towards them as he gives the order to fire the partical cannon that the science devision insisted on him having just incase they lost control. he had not thought he would have to use such a thing. he looks at it as it hits the blue shiled slightly pushing it back and asks for a dammage report.

reactor 1 running at 78%
reactor 2 running at 57%
reactors 3 and 4 offline
Partical cannon at 99.7%
engines offline
air filters operating at 89%
total of 75 sectors reporting hull damage
power usage -
life Systems - 5%
partical Cannon - 80%
lights - 2%
Computer systems - 5%
Total Usage - 92%

System warning running above 85% can cause permeant reactor damage.
End of Report-

The Leader sits in his chair unsure of what to do biting down on his finger making sure he wasn't in some kind on nightmare. He had already died he thought and these event are replaying again before him he looks neveriously around at the faces around him and see's they are just as worried as him or maybe even more so and they all are you confused..

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Re: Historical Reports

Post by GREENCROSS on Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:31 pm


it has come to our attention that recently the have been many false reports or rumours going around about GreenCross. After a long meeting with the higher ups it has been decided to disclose the following information due to legal reasons new updates might be slow as try to get the permissions to un-classify the reports we wish for you to see. I ask for your patients and understanding in these matters. Even though the GreenCross leader has gave his permission the are still legal procedures we must take before publishing. thank you for your time reading this Message:-

Eliasa Crystal Report:-

The Eliasa Crystal was discovered by are alchemist - Eliasa

location of Discovery: roughly around 15,000 meters below
planets surface under continent Herion

Eliasa was taking rock samples for documentation of common materials
around the said area when she had found an unusual dark purple crystal. after she dug it out she had found an hollow area behind it and after further inspection she discovered what we at GreenCross that know of it as Silver star.

Silver Star is best described as a vehicle around 50 meters long and shaped as A dart or arrow head. It is a complex array of crystals that has no need for mechanical parts and holds an air type vacuum inside itself. what Eliasa had pulled from the wall could be seen in around 20 different places around Silver Star. the room itself was strangely almost a perfect sphere in shape. these 20 purple crystals around the outside of Silver Star seem to react to the ships body in a similar way to two positively charged magnets allowing the silverStar to float in the middle of the sphere without expending any power of its own.

Eliasa unable and unsure what to with her discovery reported it in to
GreenCross HQ and as a result she became known as the discoverer of what we called an Eliasa Crystal. the SilverStar has been moved to a more secure location where it is still researched on and further development of GreenCross products can be produced.

Eliasa crystal was found on board of SilverStar it is the primary power source of the vehicle and is able to store massive amounts of energy inside of it the Eliasa Crystal that is known to the public is what we call a slave crystal. these slave crystals can be placed anywhere and will only drain energy or even matter from what the master crystal is programmed for. The Master Crystal is what all the slaves crystals energy gets transferred to as the slave crystal absorbs the energy it is sent back to the master crystal using a method we called "hidden space".

Hidden Space this is easier to explain if you know that at the start both Slave and master crystals are 1 and the same. the master crystal being the more stronger crystal grows straight up will the smaller slave crystal grow from the sides of the master crystals. Even after the slave crystals are cut from the master one they still transmit to each other using a very unique energy frequency witch is always different for every master crystal grown.

The master crystal houses a cluster of miniature "black holes" which provide a great enough pull to draw in anything from the slave crystals the is a filtering system inside of master crystal that allows us to be as pacific as we like about what the the crystal will draw in. This can be anything from drawing in electricity or as are medical unit are happy with the viruses floating around in the blood stream or any number of things. it would be possible to remove the filter completely making it become a true black hole drawing in all matter and energy's.

-end of Report-

We at GreenCross apologize for the structure of this report and that it is not exciting to read but we wish to let you know the truth and for that we believe we should start off by given you more of the science of GreenCross before moving onto some of the the confusing reports that would be hard to explain without you knowing these details.

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Re: Historical Reports

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