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Shiori's Dairy

Post by MIYAKO on Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:42 pm

Hello my name is Shiori

My current Age is : 21

I'm the daughter of Miyako and Jake

My mother committed suicide after I reached age of six.
I sometimes wonder if it was my fault...

I enjoy playing Hide and Seek because I can teleport I always Win ^^

Me Father and Silas went to beach and found a pirate ship

We played Hide and seek there for awhile

And Jake gave me my mothers books and research notes along with her old hats ^^

I enjoy reading my mothers notes. I feel closer to her somehow after reading them

You may already know this but I can't use fire, Ice or Lightning...

I live in a big Manor with my father but I do get to invite my friends around ^^

I've been training in Advance Teleportation, Gravity control and some basic effect

I'm also meant to be trained by Ryu but her seems busy a lot so i've not learned
much from him.

I meet a girl named Fade and she was shrunk down and appeared doll size to me ^^
I picked her up and we played for awhile, I did enjoy looking after her...
Sadly she became a giantess again and I kinda feel to pushy to ask her to be my
little dolly again Razz

I also meet a woman called Ilyanna.

she kinda spooky lady that lives in the shadows but she came from a Alternative
I think that cool because I thought my mother was crazy when I read her notes
on Dimensional Travel and how she had visited other reality's..
But Ilyanna is living proof that Dimensional travel is possible.

Having reached a so called Mastered Level in Teleportation, I start experimenting
with Dimensional Teleportation, Following my mothers calculations.
It seems to make a Dimensional Teleportation a "Gate" is required and specific
amount of energy from spiritual Gates is also needed..

Example :

4 parts EarthGate, 1 part FireGate, 3 parts WindGate and 1.2 parts WaterGate

This Is the So Called formula to Travel to this Reality
The is also a DarkGate and a WhiteGate but at the moment I can only
Use four Gates at a time...

I felt sorry for Jake and wanted to see mother myself So I tried the combination for
The spirit world where my mother is.

I did manage to open the Gate but Jake didn't want to go and I'd feel guilty if I left
father alone.
So I had to close the Gate..
I'm happy Jake decided to stay here with me rather than to leave me and live with mother.
Even though I can create the Gates themselves...
I kinda scared to step through them myself ^^


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