Darkness has arrived

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Darkness has arrived

Post by FUUKA on Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:56 am


I am Fuuka Demon Child of hatred. I come from the depths of Hell born from the hate of all Atreia my blood is black concentrated Hatred that runs through my veins a simple touch of my blood has driven many mortals to the point of insanity. The goddess's and god's of this world given up there feelings only made me become stronger.

I pity those Goddess's and god's so weak without any really strength behind there attacks as it is me hatred that has true power. They fear my blood as it could corrupt the clean and emotionless bodies turning them into something much darker if they have the courage to come near me.

I shall let them taste my blood and experience true power of hatred, they will crave it wanting more as there souls darken and they fall from the heaven before me bowing and begging for the sweet taste of my blood.

I watch as a drop my blood falls onto there faces and see them desperately trying to lick at it even before it reaches there mouth they can't resist the temptation of my blood now they are controlled by it.

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