An Eliasa Crystal Root Tree

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An Eliasa Crystal Root Tree

Post by ELIASA on Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:54 am


LOCATION: //goto beluslan

An ancient Eliasa Crystal Root Tree abandoned by our ancestors a long long time ago.
The rubble floats there as if time is moving very slowly for the rocks or maybe it is because the Eliasa crystals energy that keeps them from falling to the ground.

I found the place to be somewhat peaceful but also I can't help but think that something terrible had caused our ancestors to abandon this place. As I inspected more of the Area I found something I believe to be a giantess weapon.

I would hate to think what the giantess was after..
Was it a statement of war or did she crack open the city to...
Either way I think it is clear now why our ancestors were forced to give up this Eliasa crystal Root mine before emptying it.
Still from observing the near by wasteland of this Area it is clear that Eliasa Crystal's core had been breached.

The area inside seems to be stabilised but I fear that the Root Tree's new owners don't know how dangerous it is as even found evidence of new mining operations being started up in the area.

End Of Report

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