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Post by SEPHKISCOTH on Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:13 pm

Name: Sephkiscoth/Sephira
Gender: Male/Female
Role: Tiny
Weapons: Nanobot Triggered Swords
Abilities: Size changing and Teleportation

Sephkiscoth is a tiny man who found himself in a world full of giantesses, some of them nice, some other not so nice. He found about a guild called GreenCross and about their technology, adapting a complex nanobot system to his actual swords using both magical and techological knowledge to forge the weapons he has now. The peculiarity of his swords built his own combat style, characterized for fast movement, flying and enemy attack distuption.

A goddess from far away made him adapt a female appearance, Sephira, which later become another separate being with the same shared memories Seph has. Due to this, a combo between Sephkiscoth and Sephira has a huge sync and thus, making a fight against this duo a challenge very few would be able to accept

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