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Welcome To GreenCross

Post by GREENCROSS on Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:16 pm

Welcome to GreenCross

We specialise in information gathering and media exposure.

GreenCross originally was set up to save a kingdom's population from being wiped out in a giantess attack. Using are most Advance mining Equipment at the time we borrowed are way deep into the ground where are small city took refuge from the giantess attacks happening above the surface.

For this reason we at GreenCross had not needed to rebuild our city’s over and over again as other places do and so are culture technologically advanced at a faster rate than others throughout Ateria. We have recently became publicly known in these Lands and time underground have made us a inward race scared to open up to those around is.

This brings me to the reason that the GreenCross Guild now exists. We are willing to help others and share some of our technology and past history for the interest in wanting to create a social network outside of our normal underground system.

We hope to receive many members and try not make to many rules as we believe that our freedom shouldn't be restricted by such things although we might have a few security and safety rules they are only there for your own protection.

Thank you for your time reading this


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